2018 West Coast Kustoms Show Photos

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 New Photos of 1955 Chevy Truck with New EFI 350 & 700R Camaro Front End and 4 Link Camaro Rear End New Gauges, Steering Column, Glass, Seat, Etc, Drives like Camaro... Low Center of Gravity .....Sweet Ride.... still finishing s few more things  

1970 Chevy C10 Flat Bed Hay Hauler Upgrade to Power Steering Power Disc Brake 4 Barrel Carb New Exhaust

                                                                 Real Ranch Truck and Will Be Working Ranch Truck Again


1974 Chevy Surf Van with Later Model Upgrades 350 Motor & 700R Trans



Early Rod Project 1969 Olds Cutlass, Olds 350 Original Motor and Trans only 50K Original Miles Daily Driver



  New Early Rods Ford 56 F500 Flatbed Project already finds New Home at Radford Kustoms

After replacing entire exhaust system and adding Twin Stacks, Rear New Glass and Rear Lights Our firen Bobby Rodford express his desire to buy the F500 for his shop and the photos explain what happened in a short time.

Early Rods Project 1952 Ford Kustomliner with Flathead V8 and 2 Speed Fordomatic

This Ride is a Blast to Cruise Old School Style.....Sold and now in Ventura


1955 Chevy Truck  After Stored for more than 30 Years... and 6 Months later..Camaro Frt End & 4 Link Rear End EFI 350 & 700R

Latest Upgrades to the 1957 Ford F-100 Custom NOW Has a 2006 Crown Vic Front & Rear End This Truck Sold & in Tennessee 

Just Finished with all New 06 Crown Vic Front and Rear Suspension 4 Pwr Disc Brakes and Pwr Steering and Powered by 429  Engine with C-6 Auto Trans, , New Build Throughout.

1971 Dodge Tradesman 200 Real Cool Hipster Original Style Inside  & Out 

MOPAR New 318 New 3 Spd Trans Custom Paint New Rear End Sold

This Big Block Bad Boy F-350 4X4 Crew Cab Sold

1985 El Camino Conquista Very Nice to Drive for later Model Chevy Sold



 New Early Rods 63 Ford Ranchero Cruiser

With Mustang Straight 6 with 3 on the floor with New Pin Stripes and Custom Tail Lights

2016 West Coast Kustoms / Cruizin Nationals Photos

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2014 Arroyo Grande Car Show  2014 All Ford Show in Orcutt Ca. Photos  Santa Maria Air & Car Show 2014

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All America Cruiser Till Your Daddy Takes Your 64 T-Bird Away


 1964 T-Bird is Latest Early Rods Project, 390 w/Cruiseomatic, New Exhaust, Lowered,

 New Tires & Hub Caps Spokes or Jet Fans, Lake Side Pipes

This Thunderbird is a Great Boulevard &  Freeway Cruiser. Sold

Wow 1964 Thunderbird with Great Interior Looks of Cool straight from the Factory

1972 Chevy C-20 Truck Sold & Now in Simi Valley

 Loaded Factory Big Block 400, w/ Turbo 400, Pwr Disc Brakes, Pwr Steering, Tach & AC


1950 Chevy Fleetline 4 Door 235 6 Cylinder 3 on the Tree w/8 Track

This Ride is a Survivor from the late 90s & Still Looks Great from 10ft  

Sold to Jonathan from Bakersfield (16 yrs old), He is an Old Soul & belongs with this Ride.

1948 Ford F-250 SOLD

w/ Flathead 6 & Granny 4 Speed, Chopped, Channeled & Stretched Frame 

 Above Photo Just Tact Welded below Completed Welded & after cleaning / entire body is being welded together more photos as completed 


1971 Chevy El Camino Factory Big Block 400 w/ Turbo 400 Trans SOLD


completed front end suspension, engine, trans seals & exhaust replaced, this is very sweet Daily Driver Fasssst

1957 Chevy 2 Door Handyman 150 Below....Early Rods Ride....Great Cruiser for Hwy & Blvd SOLD

See Before Photos www.WestCoastRods.com Replaced 3 piece Frt Bumper for 1 Piece Calif. Bumper with Chrome Tits,  New Complete New Rear Bumper with Lights New Tire with Rally Rims,  New Flow Masters with 2 1/2 Pipes out rear sides, Upholstery Complete, New 700R Tran Installed & Pumpkin Swapped, Highway Cruiser.  The Coolest Chevy 2 Door Handyman 150 Station Wagon Ready for Years of Car Shows & Cruizin. Sold to SF Bay Area.

  Sold 1972 Pinto 2 Door Wagon This Rare Pony Car is One Owner with 57K Mile with Originally Services Plate, New Tires & Classic Slotted Mags New Exhaust Front to back. This car has been services regularly and Daily Drive in small town It a 72 that was sold new in 73,  Everything works & it has AC, For Sale / Sold to 1010 Garage in Atascadero Ca for Wife's Daily Driver

Strong 2.0 Pony Motor and Auto Trans Great MPG and Rare Classic

More Photos & Infp at www.WestCoastRods.com

1964 C-10 New Early Rods Ride, Parts Runner & Daily Driver. 

Sold & Now in Germany  Cruzin the Autobahn                                                                                                        

1965 C-10 Straight 6, with New T-5 Trans w/OD, Split Manifold Twice Pipes for Nice Sound, New Tires, New Shocks, New Old School Steering Wheel 

Great Stereo, Super Kool Cruzier Sold to Germany, yes Europeans Love Our Rides. Photo below was send from New Owner in Germany



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We claim no accuracy to the years and models. We Post what we like, if it looks Cool to us, that's all that matters, enjoy.

This 55 Plymouth Wagon has been our project for the last year & is a sweet ride throughout, we picked it up in Arizona &Now it in Fresno Ca

             Sold this Early Rods Project 1955 Plymouth Belvedere/Suburban w/350 SB & 700R Trans 2 1/2 " Exhaust w/32 " Bellflower Tips, New Upholstery, & 3 Tone Paint.     Completely Shaved Hood, Truck &  Doors, Replaced the Funky Stock Backup Lights with 59 Caddy Lights. This Rod Drives Great. It Sold Don from Fresno  See More Photos on. www.WestCoastRods.com                                                       

    Early Rod 1923 T-Bucket Sold to Gentlemen in Ojai Ca. and Took 1st in the first show entered.


                                                                      Sold 23 T-Bucket to Dudley in Ojai, Ca

                                             40 Rat Truck SOLD and now live in Grass Valley California, Have Fun Roadents Car Club

                 Photos of 5-6-12 with Beauty Rings, Kool look        50 Chevy Truck Removable Steering Wheel & New Upholstery 5-15-12

              Early Rods 1950's Style Rod Wins Best Street Rod in 11th Annual Dave Dana Memorial Car Show  



           1930 Rat was Sold the Mike Fair in Fresno California, look for it at the shows in the Valley

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All other contacts Oje@EarlyRods.com

Triton 1959 El Camino by Keith Dean at 2015 West Coast Kustoms

Early Rods Photos of 2009 & 2014 Rod Shows Links:

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2013 West Coast Kustoms / Cruizin Nationals 

2013 Mad Bomberz Get Together Photos   2013 Santa Maria High School Car Show Photos

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2011 West Coast Kustoms Photos  2012 Radford Custom Car Show  2010 Dana Memorial Car Show

2012 West Coast Kustoms Car Show Photos   4-16-2011  Cuyama High Car Show  2012 Santa Maria Elks Car Show

2010 West Coast Kustoms Cruizin' Nationals   More Cool Photos from Oje' and Other Early Rod Fans.... See yours Here??

Lompoc High School Car Show 4-24-2010     Cruzin 4 Life 09   Signal Hill Show 09    Vejitos Car Club West Coast 2009

West Coast Kustoms 09   Morro Bay Car Show 09  Vintage Bikes  2011Guadalupe's Grease & Greens Car Show  

  Nipomo Dave Dana 2011 Car Show  2011 Cruzin 4 Life   2011 Arroyo Grande Car Show  2011 Mad Bomberz Car Show

(has multiple photos of the some of the Rods found here)

Car Show Calendar


Ford F-100 Styleside1957-1960

1959 Ford F-100 Styleside Cool Custom at 2015 WCK                                          1957 Ford F-100 Styleside Early Rods Old School Custom

1960 Ford F-100 Styleside  Muscle Truck                                                       1957 Ford Styleside Mild Custom

Local Finds on the Central Coast

87 El Camino, Like New in Santa Maria, Sweet Ride

65 Oldsmobile Cutlass with 440 

65 Ford Ranchero 

Kool Mercury from AG Show 2014

70 Chevy C-10 was For Sale at AG Show & Sold


This Ultra Kool Milk Delivery Rod was just one of many West Coast Kustoms Entries

Very Cool Photos & most on the Central Coast Of California 2013-1914

                                                             Stock Model T , Hey its Lizzie from the Movie CARS


                                                            Below is a Custom 1950 Dodge Chopped & Channeled


                                                 Mid 60' Chevy Pickup  Low Rider & Mid 60' Ford Rat Rod 2 Door Hard Top



                                          Oje 's of Early Rods Lace Painting & Pin Striping on Vintage Coleman Ice Cooler

                                                                           More Lace Painting of Vintage Trunks


                                      13th Annual  2013 DAVE DANA Memorial Car Show


                                                                      1960 Impala Convertible Best Low Rider in Show


                                                     Early Rods 1957 Chevy 150 Handyman 2 Door Wagon with 64 C-10 Pickup

    Maribel's 1960 Impala Hardtop won several Plaques & Trophies                          Best Custom in Show, Chopped & Channeled 49 Mercury

                           1920- 1940 Winner Best in Show                                                       1950-1960 Winner Best in Show

                                                                                 Best Corvette in Show

                                                                                                                                   Red is best T-Bird in Show 56 T-Bird 

                                                                                                                    These Chevys  2 Show Winners for best 53 Pickup & Camaro

Jose Early Rods New Project at Radford Custom's 

1957 Ford 150 with wrap around front & rear Glass 429 Ford Engine with C6 Trans

   Day one  wash off years of dirt get running for trip to Shop                     Lower 3 inches & rust cut out & replace with new metal

                                        Rust remove by cutting wheel & new metal welded in place transformation starts

More Cars Photos of Fans of Early Rods

                                                                        Mark's 52 Chevy from Springfield Oregon


                                                                Skip's Cherry 60s Muscle Camaro somewhere in USA

             Marks's Malibu Wagon is missed lives in the photo                                                 Very Cool 50s Ford F-100 

Old Trucks Rule

1972 C-10 Chevy Pickup, Very Kool & Very Clean in Arroyo Grande Ca

                                                          Cherry 1970 Chevy Fleet Side 1500  Pickup in AG Ca (Photo Above)


                                                          1941 Buick Before Above Photo & After Chop by Menges Twins Below

                                               1941 Buick Fast Back Chop 4 Inches at Menges Twins Speed Shop Atascadero For Sale

                                                       1959 Studebaker For Sale at Menges Speed Shop

This 1919 Ford Rat Rod is for Sale in The Fresno Ca Area

More Photos of this Rat Truck at

The Early Rods Team has been waiting for this 1957 2 Door Delivery Wagon for 3 Years 

& was taken to this stage of the build by Mark & Arnold Garza (father & son) Founder of the Head Hunters Car Club

Removed the Bullets & Painted Grill & inserted 56 Bowtie,  Rear End Pumpkin Swapped (411 to 355 ),  See latest photos at Top of the Page

 Local Finds

Guadalupe Cool Mercury (Gilbert Robles)  

Master at Work, Sir Count Chop a Lot (Arnold Garza) working on Gilbert's 41 Plymouth

      Local Finds & New Early Rods Projects 

                                                                          Glass Wheelie's in in Nipomo Ca

         Plymouth Old School Gasser, another Minges Twins Build                                             Three Vintage MOPARS

                                                                        31 Ford from Bent Axels in Santa Maria

                                                      55 Chevy 4 Door Family Ride at Santa Maria's Drive Night, Very Kool Ride

                                                   71 Chevy Chevelle Wagon 4 Sale $4K at Priest Valley Tavern 831 385 3480

                                                             Head Hunters Car Club Ride at Santa Maria Ca Friday Night Drive In

Early Rods Ying & Yang 23 T-Bucket Hot Rod Chromed w/Polished Aluminum & 40 Ford Pickup Rat Rod Black w/Chrome, Just Black & Bad 


                                   72 Ford Grabber all Original, Grand Dad Ride now own by Grand Son and Running in Atascadero Ca

                                            62 Ford Ranchero is still a daily driver work truck in Nipomo Ca

                                     Menges Twins New & Old Projects, The Black 2 Door is heading to Ausie Land Down Under 

Another Garza Ride 50s Mercury with Patina Paint Job sitting Santa Maria Ca

Wayne's 47 Rag top Buick at his 1010 Garages in Atascadero Ca


 Menges Twins Rat Rod a Radical Chopped Chrysler at their shop in Atascadero Ca

 Early Rods Ride, 23 T-Bucket For Sale $16,999 805 878 8115 SOLD                    This Rod is out of Atascadero right next to Menges Twin Speed Shop

This is Bill & Cathy Cook's 36 Chevy pickup. It has a 327 w/ 350 turbo &10 bolt rear in Malta NY

Few Photos from 2012 Detroit Auto Show:


More Local finds Below

63 Chevy Suburban in Atascadero

58 Chevy Biscayne 2 Door Hard Top in Atascadero

Early Rods 85 Monte Carlo Deluxe Full Power Everything 4.3 Fuel Injected / 200R Trans is For Sale for $3499 call 805 878 8115 SOLD

1946 Studebaker Heavy Duty 1 Ton Work Truck in King City

Al's 65 Chevy Fleet Side Channeled, & Not Bagged in Nipomo

Above is our New Project 40 Pickup  with only the Early Rods Name, The Tank & front & Rear Lights had to go & we needed a Bigger Rear Tire

Below is what in look like 3 weeks later with New Front & Rear Light and Fuel Tank and Bigger & Wider Rear Wheels. More changes every week.

Early Rods Fan Photos  & Local Finds


                                                                       Super Clean Early Rod Chevy 50s Fast Back 

                                              This 47 Chevy was 20 years ago and For Sale in Temple, needs a refresh and good to go


                                                                    Super Clean Surfin Safari Machine in Atascadero

65 Hot Muscle Burb 350 EdBrk, 700R Trans, 2 1/2 Pipes  w/Posi, Pwr Disc Brks, Pwr Steering, Tilt Wheel, 70s Rally's Sold

                                                                    This MOPAR has Real Wings, Muscle with Class


                                                                                   Malibu Muscle in Nipomo Ca

                                              Chevy Pick up in Atascadero Ca, Very Nice Work Truck used daily for work

                                                                Two Nice El Caminos in Grover Beach Ca

                                                                      Super Clean Rivera For Sale in Atascadero Ca

1955 Plymouth Wagon For Sale $11K SOLD


      New Paint, New Upholstery, Dual 2 1/2 Exhaust w/ Short Magna Flows, 700R Trans, Shocks, Complete Brakes, King Pins, Wiring, Runs Great


 Stop Crying and Shine that Chrome Boy... New Paint: Lower is Satin Black, Middle is Candy Red, Top is Pearl White with Sweet Pink Metal Flake           


        Old School Look, New School Ride, New Glass, Great Sounding Pipes, Shaved Doors w/ Remote Poppers $11K 805 878 8115 SOLD

1965 Chevy Hot Rod Burb  SOLD


           New Crate 350 300HP+ All Edelbrock, 700R4 Trans, New Exhaust 2 1/2 with Magna Flow, New Coppers Tires with Rally Rims

                                                            Early Rods New 65 Burb LowRide Muscle Project

Jan, Feb, March, April 2011 Photos Below

                                                              65 Lincoln Convertible Suicide 4 Door in Nipomo 

                       Carlotta Balls 73 Tourino Wagon                                                               Oje stripes like crazy for Alex (6 colors)

                                                      Cool looking 71 Camaro Hot Rod Orange in Atascadero


                                      54 Chevy Panel , Surfers Delight Daily Driver & For Sale in Camarillo Ca


                  Super Clean 56 Chevy Pickup                                                    65 VW 23 Window Bus on the Central Coast (Randy Rust)


              Kool Ford Rat Truck on the Mesa SLO County                               Early Rods Fan Rat Rod Wow 4 Sale !! Trash Can for Grill??


                        Super Muffler in Santa Maria Ca, My Choice for Exhaust on All My Rods, Great Job at Fair Price  805 922 9684     


     Don't Let Andy's Rat Rod fool you, Its got a 2000 LS1 engine and a 6 spd.Tremec from a Camaro SS. with (3) 2 BBL 



                                     Super Chopped with Thin Windows Tub Style, One Wild Rat Rod


              Lon's '31 Model A, Early Rod Rat from Sedona, AZ. its very Kool out in the Desert Heat, a Real Desert Rat, & it might be 4 Sale


                                                   Photo from Randy Rust at Saturday Donut Derelicts in Arroyo Grande

                      Phil's New 59 Chevy El Camino                                                       Menges Twins Chrysler Muscle 


                                    Early Rod Trailer For Sale with 32 Ford Spoke Wheels $350 Call 805 878 8115

               Early Monte Carlo (All Stock ) in Atascadero Ca                           Early 60s Riviera from Early Rods Fan, Beautiful Cruiser

                              48 Chevy Rod Convertible                                                                      Sweet Mopar 50s Dodge


                                 Joel's 65 Cadi Coup                                                                           83 IROC Santa Maria


                      Tom's SS El Camino?                                                                            Pink T-Bucket, Early Rod

                                                                            Cool Early Jeep Rod Atascadero

                                                          Menges Twins Early Rat Rod Muscle, McMulloch SuperCharger, Yea


                                                                                 More Menges and other Rods


                                     Phil's Daily Driver                                                                      Flying High Rusty Rod


                                                                        More Cool Oldies but Goodies


                                                                       Mountain Find and Gold Mine of Old Rides


                                                                               The Wheel Smiths Rides, Very Cool


                                                                 Early Bird at SLO Menges Twins Speed Shop


                                                                   SS El Camino at SLO Menges Twins Speed Shop


                                                                                    Kool Early Rods  & Rust Rods


                                                                     Early Mid Fifties Ford 2 Door Sedan Rod


                                                                     Flaco's 59 Flamin LowRider, Sweet Ride


                                                                                    Early Vett Rod

                                                         Super Custom 51 Buick Convertible , from Arizona

           52 Plymouth Early Rod Cruizer from Northern California                                     Sweet Dual Carbs on a Flat Head Six

Late 2010 Rods from California and Puerto Rico see more of these Rods at

                                      83 Buick Grand National V6 Turbo All Original except for wheels, Cabo Rojo PR

                                                               Super Clean 82 Buick Wagon in Mayequez PR

                           This New HD Bike from Ponce PR had a Nice Rat Bike look, out for Sunday Ride in Boquron PR

                                                           SS Nova out for Sunday Cruise American Muscle in Boqueron PR  


                                                                    Mopar on Country Road in Cabo Rojo PR 

                                                                   64 Impala New Friends Car Club Atascadero Ca

                              Check the Early Rods below from the Garza Family (Head Hunters Car Club) Central California Coast


                                                                             Mark's 55 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan


                  Garza Brothers Night Riders in Santa Maria Ca                                             55 Early Plymouth Flamin Rod


                                                                        Brothers Side by Side Chevy vs Ford


                                                                 Rare 57 Pontiac Sedan Delivery Wagon

                                                                         Early Rods Falcon Wagon Atascadero Ca

Local Street Finds on The Central Coast (Below)

                                                      Early Rods 3 Window Business Coup, Atascadero Ca

                59 Plymouth Wagon at Yosemite                                                              Last 70 AMC Muscle Car, Nipomo Ca

                       57 Chrysler Imperial, Atascadero Ca                                                   65 Mercury Comet Cyclone, Nipomo Ca

                  65 VW 23 Window Bus, Santa Maria, Ca                                                 66 VW Fast Back, Oxnard Ca

                                               1941 Rat Rod GMC Pickup Sold

                            Cab mounted on finished and professionally boxed Model A frame. 

              New Mustang II front-end, 4 link rear, Chevy rear-end. Rebuilt Mustang 302 60's motor and C4 trans 


Body Channeled not Chopped Yet Air Bags, Chevy Grill, Steering Column, Nice Dash, Radiator & Mount, Many Extra Parts

                                         For Sale $2900 Email Oje@EarlyRods.com or Call 805 878 8115

Cool Rod Photos Below, Just Scroll Down

                                                                    Cool 1965 VolksWagon 21 Window Bus Santa Maria Ca.


                      60 Pontiac Catalina Vista                                                                  65 Cadi Coupe Deville




            Early Dragster & Crew                                                 Lead Sled Merc, Old School to the Max                  


                                                      Ones Man Junk is another Man's Dream


               1960 Bonneville, Low and Show                                                   Idaho Rat Pick Up


                       Harry's 1960 Early Hot Rod                                              Zyborg Race Truck Extreme


                                                                Vintage Drag Racers

                                                                      Studebaker's and 60s Muscle


            Cool LowRider Dodge Pick Up, Nipomo Ca                                         1960 Surfin Safari Woody 

                             1941 Ford Pick Up                                                                 50s Ford Woody Rod

      Ford F100 Cool Custom Pick Up, Atascadero Ca                                 GMC Custom Cool Pick Up, Atascadero Ca


       Cool 53 Olds 88 Shaved 4 Door from Paso, now in AG         55 Chevy 4 Door Family Ride in Santa Maria, Ca


                 Sweet 55 Chevy 2 Door Hard Top                                      70 AMC Muscle Power, Very Nice


           Oje's 79 Malibu IROC Wagon with TPI Eng, 700R Trans was Trade for the 55 Plymouth Wagon, Early Rods New Project.



                                                              BAT Mobile Hot Rod, It Looks Marvelous Robin


                                                         87 Elkie Custom Low Rider. Santa Maria Ca


                                           That's What I'm Talkin about .........Buick Custom Cruizer


               Olds 88, Ton of Chrome                                      Old School T-Bucket 4 Sale in Lompoc ,Ca


                                                    Nova Sleeper 4 Sale in Lompoc, Ca


    54 Chevy, Dig the Idaho Farm Style Flames             Mean Machine, Super Strong Muscle, Smokin Tires


                    Low Rider Early Rod, Oceano, Ca                                   Monte Carlo,  Santa Maria




               Freedom Street Rods Shop Panel, Atascadero, Ca                                 Original Central Coast Plague, Lompoc


                                           Just Driving by...Old  & New GM in Nipomo Ca








                                                         High & Low of Chevy Trucks in Nipomo, Ca









Few Photos of Donut Derelicts Gathering Every 

Saturday in Pismo Beach by Randy Rust, Below








Donut Derelicts Gathering Every Saturday in Pismo Beach Above

Flames at the 2010 West Coast Kustoms Show Below

More Cool Rod Photos Below, Just Scroll Down

                 29 Pink Flame Rag Top Rod                                     Jerry's Geezer Wracin, Old School Rod


                                                 Two Super Clean Early Rods Standing Proud

                          Early Rod Cruizer Panel                                               50s Custom Rod New/Old School Style


                                                      1969 Super Bee San Diego CA

                                               The Owner call this a 1970 and 1973 Challenger

                                   56 Ford 2 Door Hard Top Kustom 50s Style 4 Sale in Des Moines Iowa

               Nice 1960 Chevy 2 door Hard Top                                      Sweet 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible for Frank

                                                                           Early Rods Panel 

                                         Early Classics, Ford Rag Tops 34 Phaeton and 35 Cabriolet

              53 GMC Suburban  and the 65 Stepside are both of these are 4 Sale in Santa Barbara Ca

                    4 Sale & Runs Seminole Alabama                                         Sanford Raceway Circa1960

                                Clean Early Rod                                                          Early Styled 1931 ford Tudor

                             Kool Early (1928 Ford) Canadian Rat Rod from Our Neighbors to the North , Aye 

 51 Chevy Rag Top, with Buick Power, in Fullerton Ca                57 Street Racer 60s Style, Vintage Photo

                      Early 50s Chevy Panel                                         Early Cherry Ford Bronco in Nipomo 


                                      Greg's Sweet Custom Super Stock Jimmy Pick Up


                                                    Very Clean 1961 Mercury Pick  Up


   Looks Like an Ad Photo, Owner Says its His Favorite Ride Ever 1955 Chevy 2 Door Sedan


                            Super Cherry F100 Truck                                          2 Wheel Drive High Rider

                                            Couple of Harleys Side by Side

                  92 Chevy Stepside Harley Hauler                                            Very Clean Early Mustang Fastback Muscle 

                                                Cherry 67 Fire Bird 4 Sale in Santa Maria Ca 

                     Classic Rolls at Wedding                                        '57 Chevy Sedan Delivery, Wauseon, Ohio

                                Very Cool 32 Vicky                                         Stock 50s Chevy Pick Up in Santa Maria

               Early Rod from Very Small Photo                                             Wow Chevy Nova Pick Up?


       The Mathew's Late Model Pony Muscle in Nipomo                                    Lowered 60s Muscle in Nipomo

                51 Ford Customized in the 50s Chopped and Painted in the 80s and still Rolling Strong

            29 Ford Early Rat Rod Looking Kool                                     Flames on Flames Custom Rod

                             47 Ford Chopped in Progress,  Can't wait to see it completed

                                GM Vett and AMX Javlin, New and Old Muscle side by side, 


                                                  Champagne 57 Convertible

                                 RJ's Fifty Sevens, can on Guy have Too many 57s, the Answer:  is of course not


                                     Cherry 50s Chevy 5 Window Pick Up in Atascadero Ca


                                            Very Original 1951 Mercury with Continental Kit

Peter's 1928 Ford Pickup on Woodward Dream Cruise                            Very Clean Early Rod           


Below are a few Photos of the 2010 Morrow Bay car Show, Photos by Randy Rust of Golden Moments Photography


       I really like this Corvair Pickup, very clean                              Thanks Randy for the Photos   


          47 Dodge Deluxe Club Coupe Old School Resto Rod, 318 V-8. 904 Auto, Chry Posi, Plattsmouth Ne.


                                                     Very Classy 1947 Oldsmobile, What a Beauty

                47 Hudson in Mission Viejo Ca                                                Kool 42 Rod   



         Bernie Casey's Old Skool Rod at the Diner                  Man, I Dig this Pic of the Kool Rod the Junk Yard

Early Rods Photos of 2009 & 2010 Rod Shows Links:

2010 West Coast Kustoms Cruizin' Nationals 

More Cool Photos from Oje' and Other Early Rod Fans.... See yours Here??

 Lompoc High School Car Show 4-24-2010     Cruzin 4 Life 09   

Signal Hill Show 09    Viejitos Car Club West Coast 2009

West Coast Kustoms 09   Morro Bay Car Show 09   Vintage Bikes 

  (has multiple photos of the some of the Rods found here)

                                   Below is Oje's latest project and updates, also at top of the page

                                                                1930 Rat For Sale $10,599

All Show No Go,305 w/Weiand Tunnel Ram                           Step One, New 350 Engine, New 350 Trans, 

(2) 4 Barrels & Velocity Stacks, 400 Trans, dry Rear end,       repaired Rear end, New Running Boards, New Lake Headers, 

no exhaust, no glass, no interior, No Lights or Electric           New Hub Caps, All Electric working, New Interior Panels

No Floor Boards, Seller said it ran, not true !!                         Seats installed w/ Vintage race seat belts. 

Nothing worked (engine & trans blown) All Show No Go         Steering wheel replace, Rear and Side Mirrors installed

Step Two, Get rid of these Flames, my 11 year old son       New Paint for Now and New Stripes coming Soon

and I sanded the Flames off and repaired a few holes,        more photos after Long striped Flames, Lowered

This is a work in progress, but need to paint NOW              Also new New K & N High Filter to fill Engine space

  Lowered Light Bar with Big 10 Inch Commercial Lights                Frt End Lowered, Wind Wings, 30s Commercial Grill